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BB Partnering

Partner with us to create opportunities for deserving and talented Christians while receiving professional digital services.

We are offering a wide range of tailor-made services for all your digital needs and requirements. BB-partnering service is not only cost-effective but also offers a full spectrum of skills that could be hard to achieve with an in-house member. All our professionals are Christian talented individuals who understand the Christian ethos and sanctity of the organisation yet love what they do. The services could be remote and hybrid in specific locations like London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Cardiff, New York, California, and Washington.

Here are the list of services

Find the best fit


We represent your brand behind the scenes without our branding, providing seamless professional services that you can resell to your clients.


We provide short-term professional services for a fixed period, such as up to one year, without the long-term commitment.


We offer task-based services on a project-to-project basis using our staff and professionals to deliver results promptly and as per your requirements.


We provide staff who work in specific roles for your organization but remain on our payroll, ensuring professional and cost-effective services.

Hybrid Partnering

We offer hybrid options in specific locations only. Our dedicated and professional team is available to attend meetings, presentations, and discovery sessions.

Remote Partnering

Remote Partnership could allow you to have a dedicated staff member who is exclusively available for your organization, working remotely according to your schedule.

Key Features

What you could have

  • Cost-Effectiveness

    Zero hiring costs, a fraction of wages as compared to an in-house team member, and no cost of providing space and infrastructure.

  • Dedicated Digital Professional

    Our Professionals exclusively work on your project and with your team to carry out daily tasks aligned with your organization's goals and objectives.

  • Flexible Working Patterns

    Adapting to your specific operational hours and time zones, our professionals seamlessly integrate with your team’s workflow.

  • Ethos Alignment

    Our professionalism is unimaginably flexible as we can adapt to your SOP and operational hours in a workflow full of Christian values.

  • All Christian Staff

    Our team comprises individuals who share your faith and embrace your mission and values, fostering a strong collaborative spirit.

  • Goal-Oriented Strategy

    Tailored digital strategies aligned with your objectives to enhance your engagement and outreach efforts.

Wanted to discuss your project

We love partnering with great churches and ministries that are passionate about their good work.

Now you don’t need to worry about who is going to work on it and how to manage it as we are offering all in one service at a remarkably affordable price. Let talk!

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