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Service Overview

Seamless integration with existing branding, reduced workload for internal staff

We provide short-term professional services for a fixed period, such as up to one year, without the long-term commitment. This is a perfect for a project of task that requires a specialised skillset for a shorter period You can leverage our team expertise and resource without the overhead cost of temp hiring.

Ideal For

Suitable for those needing project-based services without the team or expertise and those looking for budget-friendly options.



Zero recruitment expenses, a fraction of the salary compared to an internal team member, and no expenses for space and infrastructure provision.
Our Professionals exclusively work on your project and with your team to carry out daily tasks aligned with your organization’s goals and objectives.
Our professionalism is unimaginably flexible as we can adapt to your SOP and operational hours in a workflow full of Christian values.
Adapting to your specific operational hours and time zones, our professionals seamlessly integrate with your team’s workflow.



Access to skilled professionals for short-term needs.
Avoids the costs of long-term commitments and employee benefits.
Ideal for project-based work with no long-term obligation.
Quickly scale up your team for immediate project needs.
Full team support without the need to hire permanently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Be clear before you engage.

Short-term professional services for a specific period or a project/task-based contract.
Cost-effective, professional, efficient, no long-term commitment.
Those needing project-based support without hiring a full team.
By all means, you can book a free, no-obligation consultancy session to discuss the best fit for your needs and organization.

Wanted to discuss your project

We love partnering with great churches and ministries that are passionate about their good work.

Now you don’t need to worry about who is going to work on it and how to manage it as we are offering all in one service at a remarkably affordable price. Let talk!

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